About us

What is Kursiv.Media? 

Kursiv is an international business news organisation, founded in 2002 focused on business and politics in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Transcaucasia. We write in Russian, Kazakh and English languages. Our editorial offices are located in Astana, Almaty and Tashkent. 

Kursiv is a professional group of journalists, analysts, experts and researchers, who are creating unique content for their readers in the format suitable for them – whether it is a classical newspaper or multimedia. 

Kursiv’s publications are read by officials, top-managers and entrepreneurs from Central Asia. Kursiv seeks to not only write and analyse today’s agenda, but also creates a picture of an independent Kazakhstan.

Kursiv consists of

  • a weekly printed newspaper
  • an internet-website of the Kazakhstan editorial https://kz.kursiv.media
  • an internet-website of the Uzbekistan editorial https://uz.kursiv.media
  • a research center Kursiv.Research
  • an education platform Kursiv.Academy

Our values

Independence. We treat every event, company and person equally. No one has a right to special treatment, nor has the right to require it. We write for our readers, and pick topics we believe will bring value to them.

Expertise. We do not write about things we do not understand, cannot rely only on the opinion of the experts, but also do not have a right to make personal judgements for any expert.

Objectivity. Any statements, conclusions or assessments, which a journalist is making must be confirmed by facts, numbers or opinions of experts. Facts, numbers or opinions of experts have to be fact-checked. We cannot trust information from only one source.

Accuracy and fact-checking. We bear responsibility for our information, thus we check all reported facts.

Kursiv’s indicators

8 000 circulation of print newspaper
337 the number of promotional articles last year
more than 1,5 mln visits in a month – website traffic
more than 70 people – number of editorial staff

Owners and funding

Owner of Kursiv is LLP «Alteco Partners», founded in 2010. The general director is Elmar Murtazaev.

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Zheltoksan street, house number 115, zip code 050000

Kursiv does not depend from government financing and grants. It conducts its activities by advertising revenues and cash receipts from the owner.

Registration information

Website of Kursiv’s publication is registered in the Committee of Information of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Certificate number KZ13VPY00045579 from 04.02.2022


Kursiv’s materials are used by the international news media, which quotes the news organisation. Among them:  

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The page about us in the Wikipedia: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Курсив_(газета)