Mastercard Cards Can Now Be Used Countrywide in Uzbekistan

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Local payment system Humo is expanding its network of bank terminals

Holders of Mastercard cards will be able to pay via the payment system Humo’s terminals in Uzbekistan. The service is available countrywide, Humo’s press office said.

Together with the National Interbank Processing Center (NIPC), Humo is launching a countrywide network of more than 170,000 terminals for contactless acceptance of Mastercard cards. The service fee will be 1% for the sellers and 1.5% of the total payment sum for the cardholders.

«I am convinced that a network of Humo terminals capable of accepting Mastercard cards will contribute to the development and stimulation of tourism in Uzbekistan. I hope, as well, that this launch will find support of businesspeople and merchants all over Uzbekistan,» Igor Stepanov, Mastercard’s regional director in Georgia and Central Asia said.

The payment system Humo was established in 2019. NIPC functions as the service operator as well as does processing for all its operations. Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s clearing house functions as the bank for the system. Humo cards were first launched in May 2019. Currently, more than 2 million plastic cards have been emitted in the system.

According to the Central Bank, last year cash flow through plastic cards was 63.7 billion Uzbekistani som ($6.69 billion at the current exchange rate). On January 1, 2019, the amount of plastic cards in circulation was more than 17.6 million.

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