Construction of a Meat Processing Plant Begins in Spring 2020

The first Tyson Foods plant will produce 100,000 tons of beef

According to Kazakhstani Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov, American Tyson Foods Corp. might start building the first of three meat processing factories in April or May next year with $1.25 billion in investments.

«Tyson Foods plans to build here in Kazakhstan three factories in stages. Two plants will be beef processing factories and another one will process chicken. Construction of the beef processing factory will start next year.

The expected output of the new plant might amount to 2000 bovine per day. That’s 100 to120 thousand tons of meat per year if I am not wrong. The amount of investments for each plant is $1.25 billion,» Omarov said to journalists on December 13. 

«We are now discussing concrete steps, but I think that construction work (on the first plant) will begin next April or May,» he specified.

«According to preliminary calculations, the total volume of investments for all three plants is nearly $5 billion. I think to build them all, five to ten years are needed.

“The first plant will be focused on export. We have China, Russia, and Central Asian countries next to our borders. So, I see no problems selling meat made under the very famous Tyson brand,» the minister stated.

Omarov told Kursiv that the total output of all three meat processing factories might produce 360 thousand tons per year.

Tyson Foods has been planning to establish meat processing facilities in Kazakhstan to supply its products to China. As a result of trade tensions between Washington and Beijing, Chinese authorities raised tariffs for American beef. Tyson is trying to build a business in Kazakhstan to get past these obstacles.

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