Kazakhstan Declares an Emergency: Who Can Enter and Exit the Country

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced new rules

While the national emergency is in place, entry and exit through state borders for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens will be restricted. Exceptions will be made for:

– Kazakhstan citizens who had previously departed to a foreign state’s territory and now return to Kazakhstan;

– Kazakhstan citizens who are going abroad for treatment and can provide written supporting documents from foreign healthcare institutions;

– Foreign citizens who had previously entered Kazakhstan and want to leave the country;

– The staff of Kazakhstani diplomatic services as well as personnel of foreign services with families, members of foreign delegations and international organizations who are traveling to Kazakhstan at the invitation of Kazakhstani MFA;

– Crew members of trains, airplanes, and ships;

– Service personnel of foreign cross-border facilities in Kazakhstan as well as service personnel of Kazakhstani cross-border facilities in the territory of bordering countries;

-Foreigners traveling via passenger trains who departed and were en route before the restrictions were imposed (March 16, 2020, 8:00 AM);

– Foreigners (persons without citizenship) holding a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– Foreigners who are family members of Kazakhstani citizens (written supporting evidence is needed).

The emergency was declared by the decree of Kazakhstan’s president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on March 16 (8:00 AM) and will last until April 15.

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