Uzbekistan Postpones National Draft Call

This measure will not affect the country’s ability to defend itself, officials say

Uzbekistan temporarily set aside the draft call campaign due to the quarantine that was declared to prevent the spreading of new coronavirus.

According to Bakhrom Zulfikarov, the official representative of the Uzbekistani Ministry of Defense, the decision to postpone draft call was taken under the quarantine. This step will minimize the risk of infection in crowded draft facilities, the official said.  

Mr. Zulfikarov noted that according to the president’s decree, the regular draft call should be held in March to April but will probably be laid aside until April 10. 

As the military representative underlined, national defense in Uzbekistan is provided by professional soldiers who signed a contract. Therefore, this delay in the draft call does not affect readiness for action of the Uzbek army.  

So far, the local health system officials reported about 49 new coronavirus cases as of March 24 with 19 sick men and 30 women.

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