Uzbekistan Follows Chinese Example to Build Hospital in Five Days

The new medical facility’s quarantine zone can host almost 10 thousand people

Uzbekistan is going to build two hospitals to cure those infected with new coronavirus as well as open a separate zone for those who should stay on fourteen-day quarantine. The first facility will be constructed within five days. According to the pressservice of the country’s health system, similar hospitals will also beopened in other regions.

The new Uzbekistani hospitals are mirroring similar projects in Wuhan, China, where local authorities built a hospital for 1500 people within tendays. 

The construction of the new hospitals is already underway in Yuqorichirchiq and Zangiata districts of the Tashkent region. They will host Uzbekistani citizens arriving from abroad for fourteen-day quarantine. As the Chinese did before, Uzbekistani authorities will complete all construction work including building of utility lines for new hospitals (each for one thousand patients) at the same time. Medical personnel will stay on a separate campus. 

According to Davron Khidoyatov, the deputy head of Tashkent, the first hospital’s cubicles, equipped with all necessary supplies, are designed for 500 people and include separate space for each patient. In general, the infection territory around the hospital in the Zangiata district can host almost 10 thousand people during the quarantine. The square of the quarantine zone in Yuqochirchiq district is roughly 55 hectares.

Another new hospital in the Chilanzar district of Tashkent will also be part of the national fight against COVID-19. However, it’s still under construction. In addition, the other three regular Uzbek clinics will be converted to infectious disease hospitals to cure patients with coronavirus. In the future, these hospitals will work as specialized infectious facilities.

As of March 26, 202065 new coronavirus cases were reported in Uzbekistan with more than 28,000 people on quarantine.

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