How Almaty City Will Live from May 11

Emergency is finished, quarantine measures still in place

Although the state of emergency has been canceled, Almaty is still under quarantine. It will last until a special command center that supervises emergency measures make a decision.

According to the Almaty city administration press service, the checkpoints that were set on the main roads to the city are still out there. Among those who can move around if they comply with sanitary-epidemiological requirements are employees of:

• State and law enforcement bodies;
• Utilities;
• Industrial facilities;
• Construction facilities;
• Design centers;
• Real estate agencies;
• Public service centers (for companies);
• Notary;
• Advocacy;
• Grocery stores and marketplaces;
• Cafés  and restaurants (take-outs);
• Medical clinics;
• Dentistry;
• Laboratories;
• Drug stores;
• Transportation and logistics;
• Distribution;
• Gas stations;
• Online delivery services;
• Commercial banks and other financial enterprises (up to 50%);
• Insurance;
• Pawnshops;
• Professional services for business (consulting, audit and accountants);
• IT services;
• Non-food stores with a total area of floor space up to 500 square meters;
• Auto wash, repair and tire shops;
• Hair salons;
• Photo studios;
• Flower salons;
• Dry cleaning;
• Service centers and shoe-repair shops;
• Publishing houses;
• Exchanges;
• Veterinary centers;
• Auto dealers’ technical services; 
• Farming machinery service centers;
• Garden centers.

The working hours for public transportation still the same (from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM).

«In this regard, we remind citizens of strict observance of quarantine, sanitary and epidemiological standards. Violation of the quarantine (carrying out activities without permission, including going to work) entails personal and criminal liability under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan,» the statement said.

The first case of new coronavirus was reported in Kazakhstan on March 13. Three days later a state of emergency was declared. On March 19, Nur-Sultan and Almaty were put under lockdown. 

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