Uzbekistan to Produce Lung Ventilators

The volume of investments into the project is about $8 million

According to Technopolis Moscow (Russia) special economic zone press service, Uzbekistan produced its first machine for artificial lung ventilation.

The first Uzbekistani lung ventilator under the Chirana Asia brand has been made by Chirana Asia company, which is part of Yashnabad Innovative Technopark in Tashkent.

As the company’s CEO Vasiliy Shimko noted, the total volume of investments into ventilator production is about $8 million. Also, this project will provide locals with more than 100 jobs. 

The company plans to produce about 100 ventilators by the end of this year. Next year it’s going to increase production up to 500 devices per year. In addition, the same quantity of anesthesia machines will be produced out there.

It is expected that all ventilators will be exported into Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan.

Chirana Asia is a joint Slovak-Russian-Uzbekistani enterprise aimed to produce medical equipment in the territory of Uzbekistan.

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