Uzbek-French Joint Company to Plant Cannabis in Khorezm

The purpose of the product is industrial application

According to Dunyo news agency, the ABM ORGANICS LLC Uzbekistani-French joint venture company is planning to cultivate industrial cannabis. The new project is supposed to be launched in the Khorezm region.

On July 12, the new venture ABM ORGANICS LLC was created. The official signing ceremony of the founder’s documents was held in Paris. The main owners of the company are Uzbekistani Marafon Finlex and French Opal & Co. 

As Dunyo reports, the new venture is going to find new opportunities in the economy of the future. For instance, the industrial cannabis might be a core element of the green economy not only in France but also in other countries. Cannabis consumes five times less water than cotton and produces almost no waste.

The various types of cannabis are used in pharmacy, garment, paper, and other industries.

The government of Uzbekistan allowed planting the kind of cannabis where an addictive substance called tetrahydrocannabinol does not exceed 0.2%. Earlier, the government had a monopoly right to cultivate these plants.

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