Healthcare Ministry of Kazakhstan Shares Its Plans on the Russian COVID-19 Vaccine

The agency is not going to buy it right now

According to Bagdat Kozhakhmetov, the official representative of the Healthcare Ministry, the country does not negotiate with Russia about purchasing the new vaccine developed to protect the human body against COVID-19. If the Kazakhstani authorities would decide to buy any vaccine, it must be certified for international usage.

Currently, the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan believes that there is no specific drug that could be considered as a completed and certified vaccine against coronavirus. None of the countries has such a vaccine.

«As far as we know, the best laboratories over the world are in Phase III of the drug development. There is still Phase IV, and no one has passed it yet,» he said.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, announced that the world’s first vaccine against COVID-19 has been registered in Russia. As he noted, one of his daughters became a participant of the vaccine trial and tested it on her own body. 

The head of the Russian Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, informed the president that the vaccine was created by the Center for Epidemiologic and Microbiology Research named after Gamalei. The new medicine has shown high effectiveness and safety. All volunteers developed high titers of antibodies to COVID-19 with no serious impact on their immunity systems.

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