Kazakhstan Plans to Extend Ban on Import of Fuels and Lubricants

It is going to make an exception for winter and arctic diesel fuel

The authorities of Kazakhstan intend to prolong the ban on the import of fuels and lubricants into the country until November 1, 2020. This is stated in the corresponding document from the republic’s Ministry of Energy.

As before, the extension of the ban will protect the domestic oil refining industry and ensure an optimal balance between the volumes of produced and consumed petroleum products within Kazakhstan.

«Import of gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel to the Republic of Kazakhstan by rail, road and pipeline transport is to be banned until November 1, 2020, with the exception of winter and arctic diesel fuel, as well as transit traffic that starts and ends outside the Republic of Kazakhstan,» the document reads.

The Department for the Oil Industry Development of the Energy Ministry of Kazakhstan, as required by law, has been instructed to ensure the state registration of the decree with the Ministry of Justice.

In mid-July, it was reported that Kazakhstan had extended the ban on the import of fuels and lubricants until September 1, 2020.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the petroleum product reserves in the domestic market are at a fairly high level, so supply of additional volumes of imported fuel might negatively impact oil refining in Kazakhstan.

In late March, it was reported that from April, Kazakhstan was banning the import of gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel from Russia by rail. That ban was introduced for three months due to a decrease in consumption under a national state of emergency. The state of emergency, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, was in effect from March 16 to May 11.

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