Kazakhstani COVID-19 Vaccine Sparks Explosive Growth of Antibodies

It was tested by scientists on themselves

Preclinical trials of the Kazakhstani inactivated vaccine against COVID-19, QazCovid-in, have yielded good results. This was announced by the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aimagambetov at the plenary session of the republican monthly meeting of teachers and workers in the field of education and science held on August 21.

«We have completed preclinical trials of the inactivated vaccine. As you know, about 25 days ago our colleagues, the developers of this vaccine, vaccinated themselves willingly. Today, we can observe explosive growth of antibodies both for immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G as well as the vaccine’s safety based on the results of early testing,» Aimagambetov said.

«We looked at the issues of the vaccine being pyrogenic, allergenic and generally safe. Preliminary results are rather good. Our vaccines show very nice results,» the minister noted.

Earlier, the World Health Organization registered the Kazakhstani vaccine and included it in the list of candidate vaccines against COVID-19, which were greenlit for preclinical trials.

The inactivated vaccine was developed by employees of the Kazakhstan Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems. It was created on the basis of the virus strain isolated from COVID-19 infected patients in Kazakhstan. A few days ago, it was reported that the animal testing stage had been completed successfully, and that it was time to move on to voluntary testing.

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