Kazakhstan Railways Continue to Ease Quarantine Measures

Passengers can once again have their meals in dining cars

The Chief Sanitary Inspector for Transportation Sadvakas Baygabulov has announced that some sanitary restrictions will be lifted.

Dining-cars, for instance, will once again offer meals while passengers will be allowed move between cars with no restrictions.

According to the new rule, dining cars (buffets) have resumed operations with passengers being able to receive food deliveries and enjoy lunches inside specified carriages. However, while passengers are dining within the designated car, it should be limited to half capacity, the sanitary inspector said.

All personnel involved in serving meals must wear masks and gloves as well as be suspended from work should they be found sneezing, coughing or experiencing a high body temperature.

To avoid the risk of spreading disease during meal service, dining-car personnel must follow all sanitary epidemiologic rules and deliver only pre-packaged food.

“Passengers are free to move between cars and visit the dining carriage if they maintain one meter of social distancing while also wearing a mask. All other restrictive requirements due to COVID-19 are still being enforced,” Baygabulov stated.

Earlier on August 25, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the national operator of Kazakhstan’s railways, allowed passenger train services to resume along the Nur-Sultan-Almaty route, which was suspended previously in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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