Uzbekistan to Build a City on the Border with Kazakhstan

The project is under discussion until September 8

According to, Uzbekistan is planning to build a new city and an industrial zone in the Tashkent region. The new city might be set on a 500-hectare area close to the state border with Kazakhstan. 

As local media reported, the intersection of the road passing through the territory of the Burdokichilik zone that is located next to the state border is indicated as the starting point of the potential new city area. It is also planned to include the territories that lay between the right side of that road and the state border.

As reported, the discussion on the new project will last until September 8.

In June, the idea of a satellite city of Tashkent was first brought up by the country’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. It was reported that the city will be located on an area of 260 hectares, which will include gardens, pedestrian zones, bicycle paths, a 14-kilometer coastal zone, as well as shopping centers that will provide work for at least five thousand people.

As of 2020, Uzbekistan is the largest buyer of cars that were assembled in Kazakhstan; the neighboring country bought 1,804 cars worth 16 billion tenge out of 2,475 cars and commercial vehicles that Kazakhstan has exported in total this year.

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