Kazakhstan Suspends International Air Travel from Restarting

The number of flights to Turkey will be cut

Head of Kazakhstan’s health system Alexey Tsoy suggests cutting the number of international flights because of coronavirus risks in some foreign countries. He made this statement at a government meeting.

According to Alexey Tsoy, the world still faces a high rate of infection and lethal cases. Several countries in Europe and Asia, including Belarus, Germany, Turkey and Russia that have air travel with Kazakhstan, are reporting new coronavirus cases.

«Given how the epidemiological situation in foreign countries is getting worse, it’s proposed to suspend the resumption of new flights with other countries, do not increase the number of current flights and decrease the number of flights to Turkey starting from October 5. All these measures are aimed at preventing the infection from the spread,» he said.

All people arrive from the second category countries (UAE, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Germany) will be subject to stricter control. Thus, all incoming passengers from these countries will be obliged to have a medical certificate on the COVID-19 test with a duration of validity no longer than three days. The passengers with no certificate must stay two days in quarantine until all proper medical tests are done. Similar requirements might be applied to all people who cross Kazakhstan’s border arriving by air from EEU member countries and Uzbekistan. 

Earlier, at the end of August, Kazakhstan resumed air travel with four countries (UAE, Germany, Belarus and Ukraine) on six routes. Since September 11, Air Astana once again resumed flights between Almaty and Tashkent. On September 21, weekly flights to Russia were also restarted.

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