International Travelers Without COVID-19 Test Certificate Will Not Be Allowed to Enter Kazakhstan

The new rule will enter into force on Tuesday

According to Sadvakas Baigabulov, Kazakhstani chief sanitary officer for transport, all foreigners who want to enter Kazakhstan must obtain a medical certificate that proves they are not infected with COVID-19. Such certificates would be valid only three days after issuing and will be required by Kazakhstan’s border authorities starting from tomorrow. 

“Since October 6, foreign citizens arriving from abroad by air are not allowed to enter Kazakhstan if they have no PCR test certificate that should be obtained no longer than 72 hours before Kazakhstan’s state border crossing,” said Baigabulov.

As for the Kazakhstani people who arrived in the country on international flights, if they failed to obtain such a certificate, they will be obliged to stay two days in the hospital for quarantine, while a proper PRC test is made and examined.

These requirements will be applied to all countries that have resumed air traffic with Kazakhstan with no ranking by categories, as it was before, said Baigabulov.

Besides air travel, new rules will also cover railways, cars, sea, and river transport.

Earlier, the chief medical officer for transport announced these new measures but did not reveal a date.

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