The Sky Is the Limit

Editor of the Real Estate Department
The tallest residential building in Uzbekistan will be built soon in the prestigious 'Tashkent City' district

Comfortable apartments, a wonderful public garden and business centers – all can be found in the new Nest One apartment block. From the 266.5 meters of height, local residents would be able to see a beautiful view of the Chimgan Mountains.

Currently, many people in Uzbekistan who want to buy an apartment in a new building are curious about its location, architectural nuances, and infrastructure availability while earlier, the only things that woke up the interest of buyers were: how big is the flat’s space and how much does it cost. The new multifunctional Nest One apartment building fully meets international standards and modern trends in lifestyle.

Five high-tech buildings will be constructed here on a space of 1.5 hectares. The tallest 51-floor building is designed to be a space for apartments. The other three neighboring buildings up to 20 floors in height will serve as business centers and the last building will be a premium hotel.

The living skyscraper includes 761 apartments from a one-room studio of 33 square meters to an eight-room penthouse in two levels with a space of 416 square meters. All apartments have terraces that have additional space of 10-44 square meters and a beautiful place to rest with the family. The building is equipped with seven lifts that won’t keep residents waiting for more than one minute, and has parking lots for almost 95% of owners.

However, the most interesting part of the building is the public space, which is available for owners of apartments no matter how big or small they are. This public space occupies more than three thousand square meters where residents can find almost everything they need for work and leisure similar to the amenities of a five-star hotel.

Every resident can work in a conference hall on the first floor, and then do exercises in the fitness center, take a rest in a spa, sauna or Turkish hamam, or swim at the pool without leaving the building. Moreover, residents and their guests can enjoy such entertainment as PlayStation, karaoke, cinema, billiards, darts, table tennis and chess. To clean one’s mind, residents can walk in the winter garden with a wonderful view of mountains from the Sky Walk terrace. In the library full of silence, the residents can enjoy reading while their children play in the playroom. Nest One absorbs modern trends and reserves the ancient spirit by supporting deliberate conversations with a cup of tea or pilaf (traditional Eastern dish) in a special place. For visitors, there are specially designed guest rooms. Safe living is provided by professional security service.


The Nest One residence compound is fully automated and any apartment might be equipped with a smart home system if clients desire. This system can recognize the car number of the apartment owner to let him in and show the empty parking lot. Moreover, residents can control their utility costs with the help of their smartphones, open and close curtains, turn on lights (or air conditioner). The voice assistant would also provide the owners with the weather forecast and latest news. Various scenarios can turn off the necessary sockets when residents leave the apartment, imitate the presence of the owners when they are away, and notify security agencies in case of burglary or unauthorized entry into the premises. Children in the smart home do not need keys – they can open the door with a fingerprint or digital code.

The seismic resistance of the Nest One high-rise complex is designed for a maximum nine-point earthquake. Special testing was carried out by Istanbul University, and its results were confirmed by the Institute of Seismology at the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. The project passed wind tests in Germany. Even the concrete used in the construction of this residential compound is special and is supplied by a new concrete plant that was built on the outskirts of Tashkent within Nest One project implementation.

This project was developed and is being built by the Turkish architectural bureau Ozguven Architecture in conjunction with the largest Uzbekistani developer, the Murad Buildings company. It has a successful portfolio of 10 unique buildings and 516 apartments that the company already sold in Tashkent. And this tally is constantly increasing due to the start of sales in Nest One.

According to Murad Buildings, the company’s mission is to bring into Uzbekistan’s capital beautiful new buildings, gardens and roads and provide residents and guests of the city with decent housing. Today, all the company’s projects have become a real decoration of the streets of the main city of Uzbekistan, combining the aesthetics of appearance, quality and reliability of buildings.


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