How Much Money Does the Best Player of Barys Hockey Team Make?

The rating of the highest-paid players has been published

According to Sport-Express (Russian sports edition), which ranked the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) players by income, Darren Dietz from Barys is in the top-10.

The captain of the hockey team from Nur-Sultan, Darren Dietz, has the highest salary among Barys players. The annual salary of the club defenseman, who also plays in the Kazakhstan national hockey team, is $993,000. In terms of income, Dietz and the other seven KHL players share ninth place in the rating.

The highest-paid player of the Kontinental Hockey League is Dmitry Yashkin from the Czech Republic, who plays for Moscow Dynamo and earns 95 million rubles ($1.25 million) per season. The top three also include another Czech – Jakub Kovář, who is a goalkeeper in Yekaterinburg’s team Avtomobilist and Teemu Hartikainen, an attacking player of the Ufa’s Salavat Yulaev team from Finland. According to the contract, the net salary of these two hockey players, excluding bonuses, is 90 million rubles a year ($1.2 million).

Kazakhstan national team forward Nigel Dawes, who plays for Kazan’s team Ak Bars (Tatarstan, Russia) took 20th position in the salary rating: his season income is about $794,000. A year ago, Dawes was among the top three highest-paid players in the league.

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