Kazakhstanis Don’t Want to Subscribe to Newspapers Anymore

The volume of current subscriptions has dropped by a third

The amount of print newspapers that readers used to subscribe for has been downsizing from year to year. Currently, it’s about 118 million pieces while five years ago it was more than 185 million newspapers and magazines.
According to the Bureau of National Statistics’ data for the 2015-2019 period, the downward trend has been there all along. However, in 2016 the downsizing of the subscription amount was just 3%, while in recent years it increased from 8 to 17%. Moreover, if you compare those figures for 2019 and 2015, you’ll see a difference of 36%. In absolute terms, five years ago people were getting 66 million more newspapers than they get now.
One of the reasons readers have changed their customs is digitalization and easier access to fast working internet. For instance, people currently send 24% fewer paper letters and 100% fewer telegrams if compared to 2015. However, Kazakhstanis have been sending more parcels: the growth was 35%.

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