Kazakhstani Producers Expand Their Presence on Alibaba

In 2021 more local companies will trade on this popular platform

Roughly 150 Kazakhstani companies will trade on the international online marketplace Alibaba.com by the end of next year, according to AselZhanasova, vice minister of trade and integration.

«As part of our efforts to facilitate local producers, last year we selected 50 companies to promote on international trading platform Alibaba.com as a Golden Standard. We have chosen the same quantity of businesses this year. All of them have been given access to the platform and 48 companies that were chosen last year have already traded on Alibaba.com. Another two companies failed to provide their documents on schedule, but they are filling out their accounts right now. As we expect, all 100 companies will be presented on Alibaba before the end of the year,» AselZhanasova said in an interview to Interfax-Kazakhstan.

The official also added that the ministry is going to continue its work to promote Kazakhstani companies on the international marketplace in 2021. 

«We are planning to introduce 50 more of our businesses into Alibaba.com this year. Once the amount of Kazakhstani companies on the platform is significantly increased, we would be able to create an entire national pavilion full of our local products. It might be helpful to boost awareness and sales,» Zhanasova said.

Earlier in October, the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced the second phase of promotion of the 50 Kazakhstani companies on Alibaba.com. The state QazTrade agency acts as the operator of this program.

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