Viktor and Leyla Khrapunov Obtain Asylum in Switzerland

The court made a final decision

Spouses Viktor and Leyla Khrapunovs, convicted in Kazakhstan for fraud, have received political asylum in Switzerland. This decision was made by the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland, as Leila Khrapunova has written on Facebook.

«On December 29, 2020, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court made a final decision on granting political asylum in Switzerland to Viktor and Leila Khrapunov, recognizing their opposition-political activities against the former president of Kazakhstan, who, despite his resignation in 2019, still retains undeniable influence on the judicial system of their country,» wrote Khrapunova.

According to her statement, this is a summary of the press service of the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland.

Former akim (mayor) of Almaty (from 1997 to 2004) and akim of East Kazakhstan region (2004–2007) Viktor Khrapunov was sentenced to 17 years in jail by a criminal court of Almaty and all his property was ordered to be confiscated. His wife Leyla Khrapunova was sentenced to 14 years in jail with confiscation of property.

In Kazakhstan, the couple is accused of embezzlement of state property, fraud, abuse of office, taking bribes and legalizing stolen property committed as part of an organized criminal group they created.

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