Kazakhstan to Launch a Tracking System for Children

The system will automatically inform the police if a child is lost

As Nurdilda Oraz, an official representative of the Kazakhstani Ministry of Internal Affairs, announced at a press briefing that the ministry plans to launch a new project called Find Me this year. It’s a safety system that must serve as a tool to track a child’s location. 

The core part of the system is a mobile application for monitoring trackers that operate in a Bluetooth network. Once the application is installed on parents’ smartphones, they can track the location of their children. The tracker – a small device that might be attached to a kid’s school bag or clothes – starts to alarm once the signal is lost; at the same time the parent’s app switches to finding mode.

«This system will also be connected to our operational control center, which means that an alarm signal will be automatically transferred to the police,» the official said.

According to Nurdilda Oraz, the police also want to install SOS buttons on the streets and other public places, so in case of emergency, people would be able to inform police about crime and ask for help.

Moreover, the current phone number 102 won’t be the only channel to communicate with the police. The internal affairs ministry plans to add some new communication tools like instant messengers and social networks.

Another initiative was announced by Dilbar Tulegenova, deputy head of the Juvenile Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. She said that the specialized security units might be deployed at schools.

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