Kyrgyzstan Welcomes Its New President

The inauguration ceremony was held in Bishkek today

On January 28 Sadyr Japarov officially became the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

After Japarov swore under oath, he obtained the national standard, president’s certificate and special decoration. 

Many Kyrgyz politicians took part in the ceremony. For example, there were former presidents Sooronboy Zheenbekov and Rosa Otunbayeva, speaker of parliament, former presidential candidates, ministers, and foreign diplomats, including Stanislav Zas, secretary-general of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.  

However, Kyrgyz authorities decided not to invite other international leaders as well as media representatives even though the ceremony was translated by the state TV channel.

«We see how fast the power of China is rising. Its influence on international politics and economy is tremendous. I hope the positive influence of this country on Kyrgyzstan’s economy will continue,» said Japarov in his first speech as president. According to him, the country will maintain the previous multipolar approach in its foreign policy.

Kyrgyzstan also wants to build strong relationships with the United States, Europe and many states in Asia. Japarov said that Kyrgyzstan will continue to cooperate with all international and regional organizations.

While on stage with his speech, he promised to establish new jobs and bring Kyrgyz labor migrants back to the country.

«We’ve been dreaming that Kyrgyzstan could be a kind of Switzerland in Asia for 30 years. These promises by our former leaders turned out to be fake. We have been dreaming that every six years our leaders will transfer the power peacefully and we can celebrate many achievements of the country. However, on October 5, people demanded authorities drop the election results. People want changes. Now we are taking responsibility and making peace,» Japarov stated.

According to the president, the parliamentary system in Kyrgyzstan was doing wrong because if someone had money, he could get the deputy seat for cash. 

«Our patience is not endless. We won’t be patient with the usurpation of power anymore. We will work hard to create new jobs and bring our people, who work abroad as labor migrants, back home,» he said.

Sadyr Japarov won in the early presidential elections by receiving 79.2% of votes. The former government has now left the office.

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