Kazakhstan Expands Its Potential in Alternative Energy

The country allocates $370 million for new projects in renewable energy

According to Nurlan Nogayev, minister of energy, Kazakhstan is going to build this year 23 renewable energy facilities with a capacity of 391 megawatts. 

The total amount of investments in these projects is about $370 million so far. 

As the official noted, Kazakhstan wants to expand its potential in renewable power sources by launching new projects including wind and hydroelectric power stations. 

The government expects that the share of renewable sources will raise from 3% to 3.3% in 2021.

«In general, we are expecting that by 2025 the share of renewable power sources in electricity production in Kazakhstan will reach 6%,» Nogayev stated.

Last year renewable energy sources generated 3.15 billion kilowatt-hours or 3% of the total amount of electricity produced in Kazakhstan. In 2020 the country already launched 25 new renewable energy projects with a capacity of 583 megawatts.

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