Russians Had Less Appetite for Luxury Cars in 2020

The sales declined by 15% compared to 2019

According to Autostat, automotive industry data provider, the luxury cars segment in Russia is shrinking. 

As the agency reported, the volume of brand-new luxury cars in 2020 was about 1,114 cars. This figure is 15% less than in 2019, when dealers sold 1,312 of such cars. Experts said that the luxury segment declined more than the rest of the car market in Russia; it decreased by 8%.

In general, Russian customers have bought 387 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class last year, as well as 299 Bentley, 199 Rolls-Royce, 139 Lamborghini, 52 Maserati, 29 Ferrari and nine Aston Martin. The only brand that has shown some growth in 2020 was Rolls-Royce.

Geographically, more than half of these cars were bought in Moscow (628 cars or 56%), with Moscow region and Saint-Petersburg taking the second and third places (116 and 113 cars respectively).

Among other regions that also embrace luxury cars are the Krasnodar region (51 cars), Sverdlovsk region (17 cars), Tatarstan (13 cars) and Rostov region (12 cars). The rest of the luxury cars have been distributed in the other 57 regions.

In Kazakhstan, for 11 months of 2020 people bought 79,394 cars in total, which is 25.2% higher than in 2019. In terms of money, customers spent $1.7 billion or 20.8% more than in the prior year.

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