Kazakhstan to Allow Test Flights of the Boeing 737 MAX

If test flights succeed next week, the exploitation of the plane might be resumed

The aviation administration of Kazakhstan and SCAT air company want to make the Boeing 737 MAX fly once again. If the airline organizes proper training for its pilots to teach them how to act in the case of an emergency with malfunctioning instrumentation, the plane might be allowed to fly again.

In order to prepare the plane for flights, SCAT engineers along with Boeing representatives have installed new software and made all proper work on aircraft depreservation.

«SCAT pilots have been trained in the international training center and the first test flight will be very soon. At the moment engineers are doing their best to prepare the plane for flights as it’s required by the aviation authorities of the United States and Kazakhstan,» the company said. 

It’s expected that the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan will check the plane’s airworthiness by the end of this month. If the agency decides it’s safe, the plane might be used by SCAT once again. 

Boeing-737 MАX planes were forcibly landed worldwide in March 2019 after two air accidents. In March 2019 a plane operated by Ethiopian Airlines hit the ground with 157 casualties. In October 2018 another accident with Boeing 737 MAX owned by Indonesian airline company Lion Air killed 189 people. 

Boeing was obliged by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fix all technical problems and guarantee safe operation of the Boeing 737 MAX. Currently, the company meets these requirements and is now going to resurrect its planes for commercial use. 

More than 4,400 hours of tests and 1,350 hours of test flights under the supervision of the American regulators proved that the plane can operate safely. The new software has also been recognized as effective and was approved. Now the plane has approval from the U.S. FAA, National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil and Canadian Transportation Agency.

On January 21 this year 737 MAX received flight permission from European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as well as from the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority. Both decisions have opened the door for Boeing 737 MAX to fly in Europe again.

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