It’s Going to Be Easier to Register as a Sole Entrepreneur in Kazakhstan

Ministry of Finance to launch a new mobile app

As Erlan Zhamaubayev, minister of finance said, the registration and closing procedures for sole entrepreneurs will soon become much easier. Moreover, the ministry is going to remove fees and payments for fiscal data transmission.

According to the official, the Ministry of Finance currently develops two mobile apps at once: E-Salyq Business for sole entrepreneurs and E-Salyq Azamat for all other taxpayers. Both apps should make it easier to work with tax returns and make payments via smartphone. 

Since January this year, land and property taxes in Kazakhstan have been combined in one payment while those who own multi-apartment buildings now are free from land tax. Minister Zhamaubayev added that the task of simplifying and softening the tax administration was announced by President Tokayev. 

For the first time, Kazakhstan authorities revised the sole entrepreneur’s registration procedure to make it simpler in 2018. Thus, entrepreneurs whose revenue for the last five years doesn’t exceed $995,000 and who do not sell gasoline, alcohol and other licensed products, can close a business with just one personal application and final tax return while proving they no longer use cash register machines and have relevant auditing results.

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