Uzbekistan Tries to Protect Its Teachers from Labor Abuse

In one case an official was fined

As Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Public Education reported, an official from the Tashkent region administration was fined $2,200 for labor abuses. He’s been found guilty of forcing local teachers to work outside their schools.

According to the report, Anvar Khanturayev, deputy head of the Buka district of the Tashkent region, has ordered local schools’ heads to take an inventory of the land parcels and make some work to improve public amenities. As a result, all this work has been done by local teachers, who were forced to do that. 

Once the case of labor coercion had been proven, the official was fined according to the relevant article of the Labor Code. 

Amid public outcry against such types of crimes, the punishment for labor abuse was strengthened last April. Now those who are determined as labor abusers can be fined 11.1 million Uzbek som ($1,100) or more.

In another case, Uzbekistan’s General Prosecutor’s Office has accused the deputy head of Akkurgan district of the Tashkent region and Mahalla Foundation’s accountant of fraud. Both defendants allegedly stole about 153.2 million som ($15,000) and might each be punished with $13,200 fines or even several years in jail.

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