Prime Minister of Georgia Has Resigned

He said that he failed to compromise with his team

Giorgi Gakharia, prime minister of Georgia, has said today that he will resign because of discord with his team amid the attempt of Georgian authorities to arrest the opposition leader Nika Melia.

Nika Melia has been put into custody by the local court. 

«This man has never respected Georgian laws; on June 20 last year he tried to incite a riot by calling people on to storm the parliament; eventually he was proved to be one of the organizers of that attack. However, this is my strong belief, we can’t prosecute any person if there is a risk of escalation of the political confrontation, the threat for health and even lives of our fellow citizens,» stated Gakharia while being on live broadcast by the Imedi TV channel.

Georgi Gakharia headed the government on September 9, 2019, after former prime minister Mamuka Bakhtadze decided to quit.

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