Kazakhstan Has Taken 39th Place in 2020 Index of Economic Freedom

The Index has reviewed 180 countries in total

The Index of Economic Freedom by the American Heritage Foundation is measuring liberties and free markets around the globe. This year Kazakhstan was able to improve its result by 20 positions.

According to Heritage Foundation, Kazakhstan is one of the ten countries that have shown the most significant dynamics. In 2020 its position in the rating was improved.

Kazakhstan was able to archive additional scores in fiscal sustainability, property rights protection, state agency efficacy, business freedom and judiciary system efficacy.

«Such rates as freedom of investments and financial sector have shown stable positive dynamic,» informed the official website of Kazakhstan’s prime minister, citing the index.

For comparison, in the same index, Russia took 94th place, Uzbekistan 114th, Belarus 88th and Kyrgyzstan 81st position. 

Among the top five countries with the highest level of economic freedom are Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and Switzerland.

In 2019 Kazakhstan took 59th position in the rating.

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