Russia to Ease Student Life for a While

Many of them will be able to pass their exams online 

According to the Kazakhstani embassy in Russia, those Kazakhstani students who study in that country will be able to pass their exams remotely with no physical presence. 

Over the 2021-2022 academic year, Russian universities would be able to test their students remotely, the government has announced. To participate in the tests, students have to use the United Biometry System.

The new format of the examination will be available for various ranges of students in bachelor or graduate courses. However, just a student’s desire is not enough and universities have the right to make a final decision.

Even though the Russian government’s decision is addressed to local students, it also works for students from Kazakhstan who can pass their tests online.

To do that, all students have to register in the system, which is collecting, processing and storing their biometric data. This data will be used right before the exam to verify the specific student: he or she should repeat out loud a combination of random figures and then the system analyzes the human’s behavior and identifies him as the right person.

The result of this checking will be transferred to a university by secured channels and if everything is okay the student may pass his test.

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