Kazakhstan Announces It Won a Case Against Stati

Two sides have antagonized each other in courts since 2010

As the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan has announced, the case against Moldovan businessmen Anatol and Gabriel Stati is over. 

On March 11 the High Court of Justice in England refused to support Anatol and Gabriel Stati’s appeal to cancel the court’s decision about legal cost reimbursement. Under that decision, Stati should compensate Kazakhstan and its National Bank about $3.7 million.  

«The High Court of England decision on legal costs brings an end to this case. Stati had been trying to implement the arbitration settlement against Kazakhstan many times and failed,» the agency said.

According to Kazakhstani officials, Stati lost the case in England and should pay the legal costs, but they didn’t do so. The lawyer’s firm, which represented Stati before the High Court of England, was notified about the decision to pay Kazakhstan in December 2020. However, Stati preferred to not pay and attempted to cancel the court’s decision.

The Moldovan moguls’ lawyers said that they were short of time to make all proper paperwork. However, the court has ruled that the legal agency’s arguments aren’t reasonable. As a result, the judge became convinced that Stati’s lawyers just tried to drag out the proceeding. 

According to Marat Beketaev, Kazakhstan’s minister of justice, the country will continue pursuing the implementation of all legal decisions of the High Court and will dispute Stati’s allegations in other jurisdictions. «Leading experts have made a scrupulous analysis of actions by Stati and found that the arbitration settlement was obtained illegally,» he said. 

On February 15, 2021, cassational court of Luxemburg canceled the decision of Luxembourg’s appeals court, which demanded Kazakhstan pay $500  million. Given that breach of procedure, the cassational court has ruled to reconsider the case by new judges of Luxembourg’s appeals court.

Two businessmen from Moldova, Anatol and Gabriel Stati, entered several lawsuits against Kazakhstan in 2010. In Sweden, they demanded Kazakhstan pay them about $4 billion. However, the court has decided to give them only $500 million, including the $199 million that father and son Stati have allegedly spent on a natural gas processing plant in Borankol. Later, the U.S. authorities provided Kazakhstan with evidence that Stati’s claims are based on big fraud. 

According to the Ministry of Justice, both Stati were engaged in several questionable transactions that had only one purpose: to show a rise in costs. Later, Stati tried to use this data as proof in their lawsuit against Kazakhstan. However, the court has found that Stati’s companies conducted payments to each other with no relevant justification. 

Earlier, Kazakhstan has also won a case against Stati in the High Court of Justice in England, where Stati tried to seize assets of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

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