Putin Said What He Can Never Be Able to Tolerate

Once again he’s shared his opinion about Russia’s neighbors

According to President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the reasons why Bolsheviks transferred massive territories to newly «quasi-states» in the 1920s are not clear. 

While giving a speech at the seventh anniversary of bringing Crimea «back to the motherland of Russia» in Moscow, Putin said the Bolsheviks are guilty of the collapse of the party and the Soviet Union. As a result, Russia has lost massive territories and geopolitical space.

However, as the president noted, Russia is ready to live in a new geopolitical situation.

«We consider our neighbors as friends; we are ready to give them a hand to support their development and go further with our competitive potential. We accept this situation but we never tolerate if someone would dare to use Russia’s gifts to cause damage to the Russian Federation. I hope this message will be heard,» he stated.

On December 10, while on the TV show State, Duma deputy and Head of Duma’s Committee on Education and Science Vyacheslav Nikonov said that such a state as Kazakhstan never existed before and its territories are a gift from Russia. This position was also backed by another Duma deputy Evgeniy Fedorov.

Both statements raised an outcry in Kazakhstan and tough talk from Senator Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed and Mukhtar Erman, head of the Mazhilis Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security. 

On December 12, Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called Alexander Komarov, charge d’affaires of Russia on the carpet and gave him over a diplomatic note.

Later, foreign affairs minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi said that tough talk by Nikonov and Fedorov, who doubt the territorial integrity of Kazakhstan РК doesn’t reflect the official position of the Russian Federation. According to him, the two states have reached a high level of strategic cooperation, which should have been developing under international law.

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