Kazakhstan Reported Sixteen COVID-19 Cases Among Those Vaccinated

The disease symptoms are mild

According to the Committee on Sanitary and Epidemiologic Control under the Ministry of Health, 16 vaccinated individuals have been infected with the coronavirus.

In the 16 new cases of COVID, all infected were vaccinated with both shots of the vaccine.

«Among these cases, the most postdate after the second shot of the vaccine is the fourth week,» the agency said.

All these people reported mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

As the committee noted, a strong immune response against coronavirus evolves six weeks after the first shot of the vaccine.

However, the health system officials called on those who have already gotten their vaccine to continue wearing masks, maintaining social distance and obeying all the sanitary-epidemiological measures.

Since February 1, the Kazakhstani health system has been using the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19. So far, about half a million people have been vaccinated in the country.

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