A Court Announced Its Verdict on Korday Case

Nineteen people were sentenced to jail

A high-profile case on the unrest in the Zhambyl region, which had been considering by Taraz court, is finished, Kazinform news agency reported.

The verdict was announced by the chairman of the court Aydarbek Zambayev. Nineteen defendants were declared guilty; they will spend from five to 17 years in jail. An additional31 people were sentenced to probation from one to five years because they paid for all the damage they’ve done. One defendant was released due to no proof he committed a crime. 

The total damage throughout the conflict is more than $1.8 million.

On February 7, 2020, in the village of Masanchi of Korday district, a mass fight occurred. Later, the violent unrest was expanded to the neighboring settlements of Aukhatty and Bolan Batyr. As a result, 11 people died, 185 were injured and dozens of houses, convenience stores and vehicles were burned down.

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