Nur-Sultan Plans Next Talks on Syria This Summer

According to Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry

The international meeting on Syria, which is also known as Astana Process, may be organized this summer, according to Aybek Smadiyarov, spokesperson of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TASS news agency reported.

There is no plan to hold a meeting in May.

«So far we have no requests from Russia, Turkey and Iran, which are the main participants of the Astana Process to negotiate an end to the Syrian conflict, about the talks. We are waiting for any information from them,» stated Smadiyarov while answering questions about the date of the next talks.

The fifteenth international meeting of such format was held in Sochi on February 16-17. There were no big achievements at the meeting, and the guarantor states just confirmed their intentions to keep the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and agreed to continue the fight against terrorism in Syria.

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