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How Uzbekistan cares about safety during the pandemic

The new normal in the post-coronacrisis world is something that no one can ignore. Safety and health protection have turned into top priorities, especially for travel abroad. Now, air travel is starting to rebound but the COVID-19 threat is still there and of course, it’s very important what the government is going to do to protect foreign guests. 
Uzbekistan is one of seven countries with the lowest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. In 2021 the country with a population of 34 million people has reported up to 300 cases a day, which is pretty low. In total, Uzbekistan has reported 85,000 COVID cases throughout the pandemic. 

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Right after the very first case, Uzbekistan declared a strict lockdown. There was no space for tourism due to closed borders and banned air travel. However, all that tourism infrastructure the country has developed in recent years couldn’t wait to work again. 
In June 2020, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev decided to support internal and external tourism and signed an edict on the new program «Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED.» The program has worked since then helping businesses to survive. Of course, the tourism industry has been obliged to follow all strict sanitary rules.
For example, to work during the quarantine, all tourist system elements, including hotels, other public places and personnel, should pass a sanitary examination and get a certificate. 
The program also envisaged the Safe Tourism Fund’s creation, which should cover all expenses associated with coronavirus risks. For example, if a foreign tourist happened to be contracted with COVID while being in Uzbekistan on tour, he or she will be paid $3,000 compensation. 

To avoid any risks, the Ministry of Tourism and Sport in conjunction with the Ministry of Health has made a list of safe tourist sites, which tour operators are obliged to use when offering tours for foreigners. 

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