Law Makers Want Professionals to Secure High Schools in Kazakhstan

Deputies also suggest changing the age when citizens can get small arms legally

Deputies of the Ak Zhol political party suggested changing the rules of receiving a license for small arms. They want to make them tougher. Also, lawmakers want to increase the safety level in Kazakhstani schools, according to Sputnik citing the request of Andrey Linnik, who is a parliament deputy.

According to the deputy’s request the attack in Kazan, where a 19-year-old man fatally shot 10 people in the local high school and injured many others, is a serious reason to think about security issues in Kazakhstani schools.

«It’s a common practice to hire somebody old as a security guard. Everyone can cheat them; if an intruder looks usual and talks politely he can enter any school. What if that man has some bad intentions and an old guard just can’t resist him?» the deputy said in his request.

Many government agencies in Kazakhstan look like a fortress with armed security and high fences. At the same time, almost all regular schools and kindergartens have no physical protection at all, according to Linnik.

Moreover, to acquire alcohol in Kazakhstan, young man should be age 21 and up, but to get a gun, they have to be at least 18. All that is needed is a certificate from the drug addiction and psychological disease prevention center to prove you are not in follow-up by the center.

To avoid a tragedy like that one in Tatarstan’s capital, Ak Zhol party suggests to equip these facilities with alarm buttons and video surveillance systems;  to strengthen security systems with professional guards; to build checkpoints; to equip entrances with metal detectors; to let guards carry a lethal weapon and use it to protect people and property.

Also, the party wants the government to intensify the activity of school psychologists and local police inspectors and tighten control over the small arms licensing process. For example, to change the age when people can get an arms license from 18 to 24 years and to increase the liability of those who are responsible for psychology tests and licensing.

On May 11, 19-years old man Ilnaz Galyaviev shot to death ten pupils and teachers of the Kazan high school #175 and injured dozens more. The weapon he used was registered at him legally. On the same day, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to tighten control over small arms turnover.

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