Kazakhstan Is Preparing for a National Census

The census will occur from September 1 to October 30 this year

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, it’s going to prepare a questionnaire with 87 questions, which will be asked during the census.

This is a much bigger number of questions than the agency had previously asked. Currently, the questionnaire includes 67 questions and 20 clarifying sub-questions.

«The basis for this new questionnaire are the recommendations of the European statistic agencies for population and housing resources census as well as methodological materials of the CIS Interstate Committee of Statistics,» the bureau said.

During the last census in 2009, the questionnaire included 73 questions. Now, it includes some new questions about migration, employment, marriage status, childbirth issues and language proficiency. The questionnaire also includes questions recommended by the Washington Group on Disability Statistics. All of them aim to intensify international cooperation in the area of health protection, including data on disability.

According to the Statistics Bureau, the national census will start on September 1 and will last until October 30. Census takers will use tablets to minimize human factors that might affect the quality and accuracy of collected data.

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