Kazakhstan Improves Its Position in a Global Rating of Mobile Internet

The first place has been taken by the UAE; the last place was taken by Venezuela

Kazakhstan has risen by nine points and taken the 86th position in the international rating on mobile internet speed. In terms of wideband internet speed, Kazakhstan is still on the 67th position, according to Speedtest global index.

The rating is based on connection speed, network delay and packet loss, which are measured by certain servers. In Kazakhstan, such servers have been working in 17 towns since October 2020 and are run by Kazakhtelecom.

According to the company, the increased speed of mobile internet has occurred because mobile operators changed the way they used to stay connected (MTS, Kcell). Currently, operators are connected to the main connection route of Kazakhtelecom, which supports a speed of 100 Gb/s. Throughout 2020-2021 Kazakhtelecom also increased the capacity of its servers to keep locally about 43% of cached data of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Akamai, Valve/Steam, Mail.ru, Megogo, Vkontakte, Yandex and Netflix. As a result, these cache-keeping servers have reached a capacity of two terabits per second in total. 

“As of April 2021, we have a speed of 19 Mbit/s for the MTS network while in October 2020 it was just 14 Mbit/s per user. Concerning Kcell, its average speed rose from 10 Mbit/s in October 2020 to 18 Mbit/s in April 2020. For our GPON networks, we increased speed from 60 Mbit/s in October 2020 to 96 Mbit/s in April 2021,” said Nurlan Meyirmanov, chief executive on innovations in Kazakhtelecom.

According to the global index, a mobile internet speed on average is 53.38 Mbit/s for downloading and 12.85 Mbit/s for uploading. In Kazakhstan, this average rate is 27.01 Mbit/s, which a little bit higher than internet speed in Russia (26.86 Mbit/s). 

Residents of the United Arab Emirates can enjoy the fastest mobile internet in the world – it’s about 190.87 Mbit/s, which is three times higher than other countries on average. The second position was taken by South Korea (186.06 Mbit/s); the third-best result was shown by Qatar (181.43 Mbit/s).

Venezuela (7.73 Mbit/s), Afghanistan (8.18 Mbit/s) and Bangladesh (11.32 Mbit/s) are those, who were shown the worst results in the rating.

Kazakhstan’s sharp growth by nine points in April 2021 put the country in the list of ten states with the best results out of 134 countries, which have been tracked by the rating. In terms of growth, Brunei is the leader; in April it rose by 23 points to 32nd position; the second result has shown by Cameroon (+19 points, 68th position); the third is Greece (+11 points, 17 positions) and then U.K. (+11 points, 21st position). 

Broadband access speed to the internet all over the world is 102.12 Mbit/s on average for downloading and 54.00 Mbit/s for uploading. Kazakhstan didn’t change its position in the rating and still is on 67th position with 56.12 Mbit/s 

The world leader of broadband is Singapore with 245.50 Mbit/s of speed; the second position is taken by South Korea (241.58 Mbit/s), and the third is Hong Kong (240.83 Mbit/s).

The slowest broadband connection is in Turkmenistan (3.90 Mbit/s), Yemen (5.12 Mbit/s) and Cuba (5.40 Mbit/s).

In Kazakhstan, 84 out of 100 citizens have access to mobile and broadband internet.

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