Kazakhstan Authorities to Provide Proof of Vaccination with a Certificate

Kazakhstan Authorities to Provide Proof of Vaccination with a Certificate

Starting from June 1, everyone who gets the vaccine against COVID-19 can request a hard copy of the certificate proving their vaccination. This rule is part of new legislation signed by Erlan Kiyasov, the chief sanitary doctor.

According to the document, all health system organizations involved in the vaccination will provide Kazakhstanis and foreigners who get their shots of the anti-COVID vaccine with a hard copy of the certificate if requested.

Also, medical workers now are obliged to visit people with disabilities at their homes to administer the vaccine.

Moreover, starting from July 1, all data about Kazakhstanis who got their vaccines abroad will be collected and stored in the country’s databases after the proper documents are provided.

«Medical organizations should also enter the information about those Kazakhstani citizens vaccinated with QazVac under clinical trials if proper proof is provided,» the document stated.

Local heads of health systems in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent have to record data about the movement of anti-COVID-19 vaccines into an online system designed to track the vaccines.

However, as the Ministry of Health informed, the so-called vaccine passports exist only online.

«Sanitary and Epidemiologic Control Committee doesn’t issue any hard copies of the vaccine passports. If something would change, we inform people in a proper manner. Currently, this issue is not in our agenda,» the agency said, noting that the only real vaccine passport is an e-passport.

Officials also called on Kazakhstanis to be careful and avoid fraud.

As of May 30, 2021, more than 2.1 million people in Kazakhstan got their first shots of vaccine, according to the Ministry of Health. Currently, there are three vaccines being used in Kazakhstan: Russian Sputnik V, Kazakhstani QazVac and Hayat-Vax, which was developed in China but is producing in the UAE. Those who are going to get a vaccine can choose which one they prefer. All of these types of vaccines are available in Kazakhstan free of charge.

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