Firuza Sharipova Leads the WBA Rating

She can surpass GGG’s results in boxing

Boxing champion in three weight categories Firuza Sharipova from Kazakhstan is a leader in an updated rating of female boxers by WBA, according to the sportswoman’s official representative.

The queen among women boxers in the lightweight category is still Katie Taylor from Ireland. However, as Sharipova has reached the first position in the rating, she has become a candidate for a fight with Taylor within WBA activities.

If Sharipova wins in a fight with Taylor she would collect all four champion belts in the lightweight division. This would be a new record for Kazakhstan. For example, Gennadiy Golovkin or GGG, who is currently the most prominent Kazakhstani boxer, has only three champion titles. 

As Sharipova has said many times before, she aims to be an absolute world champion.

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