US is Ready to Discuss a Non-Visa Regime for Kazakhstan

Once the pandemic is over

The non-visa regime for citizens of Kazakhstan might appear on the agenda in the United States once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, according to Interfax news agency citing William Moser, the U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan. 

Before a non-visa regime for Kazakhstanis will enter into force, the country must meet some conditions. 

«Kazakhstan has to complete a certain procedure. This is a technical issue and I can’t say this would be a fast process,» the U.S. diplomat said. 

Also, he noted that the U.S. is waiting for Kazakhstan to adopt necessary documents on the Open Sky treaty.

«We are going to negotiate in order to implement the Open Sky treaty. What does it mean? It means we can talk about air travel safety, visa and migration regimes and American airlines that can work here in the future. We want relations between two countries stronger on both human and commercial levels,» he said.

In early 2020 Kazakhstan and the United States signed an agreement on air travel. Currently, the draft law on ratification of the agreement is under consideration by Kazakhstan’s parliament.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Kazakhstan has decided to postpone non-visa regimes for 57 countries until January 2022. However, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea were recently excluded from the list.

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