Kazakhstan Introduces Stricter Quarantine Measures

In those regions with mild risk of coronavirus

All Kazakhstani regions in the yellow zone should embrace stricter quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the new Delta variant, according to the government’s website.

On July 2, right after the meeting of the Interagency Commission, Vice-Minister EralyTugzhanov issued a rule on new anti-COVID-19 measures.

«The epidemiologic situation gets worse; therefore, the vice-minister ordered administrations of the regions in the yellow zone to impose stricter quarantine measures,» the government’s official website reported.

During the meeting, its participants highlighted that in the Mangystau, Atyrau, and West Kazakhstan regions the coverage of the national vaccination campaign is low. Local authorities were recommended to take this task seriously and to more actively work on vaccination efforts in towns and rural areas.

Tugzhanov has also wanted monitoring groups in Almaty, Atyrau, and the North Kazakhstan region to intensify their work.

As a result of the Interagency Commission, 464 businesses will be excluded from the Ashyq project for two weeks. All these cafes and restaurants failed to check customer status. Another 2,500 businesses, which have been registered in Ashyq also show a relatively low number of check-ins, which is why they should be scrutinized.

After the Delta variant was detected in Kazakhstan, the general epidemiologic situation has gotten worse. The vast majority of new cases were reported in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and the Karaganda region.

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