Breaking Bad in Nur-Sultan

A local scientist ran a drug lab

According to law enforcement officials of Nur-Sultan, a local chemical specialist had run a drug-producing laboratory where he made mephedrone and amphetamine.

The scientist, a 27-year old resident of Nur-Sultan, used to rent an apartment, which he managed to turn into a sophisticated chemical lab and producing center.

When police forced an entry to the apartment, they found a notebook with chemical formulas of synthetic drugs, electronic weight scales, some chemical components, bottles, small polyethylene bags, 10 grams of ready-to-use drugs and a computer for online trading.  

The criminal used to sell drugs through an online shop; when he got a request for drugs, he strolled around the neighborhood and hid little bags with drug in crowded places, such as parks or even children’s playgrounds.

During the investigation, the detained scientist showed police officers all the locations he used to hide drugs. As a result of the search, law enforcement officials have seized about 60 doses of synthetic drugs. Now, the detained chemist faces accusations of producing, purchasing, keeping, and selling drugs and may be sentenced to 15 years in jail. 

According to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs over five months of this year, police have seized almost two tons of illegal drugs.

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