US Bans Dogs Brought in from 113 Countries

Due to dog rabies risk

The U.S. authorities have imposed a ban on dog entry. Now, the list of countries with rabies risk consists of 113 states, including Kazakhstan, according to the RIA Novosti news agency. 

This decision has been made due to the high level of risk of dog rabies. There is no clear information on how long the ban can last.

The list of 113 countries under the ban for dog import includes such countries as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Mainland China, Ukraine, Moldova as well as countries from Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. As U.S. health officials informed, the number of dogs brought into the U.S. from these countries accounts for 6% of all dogs imported to the country. 

American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that exclusion is possible in some cases. Those who are planning to visit the U.S. with their dogs have to inform local authorities and fill out a proper application at least six weeks before the trip. Otherwise, dogs from any country on the list will be sent back at the expense of their owner.

The U.S. has been free from the virus of dog rabies since 2007. However, even one infected dog can cause a wave of new cases among people and wild animals.

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