Russia Reports a Peak in Daily Death Toll of COVID-19

Local health system has confirmed 791 deaths a day

According to the latest data, the death toll of coronavirus in Russian has reached 791 cases a day, which is higher than the day before (786 deaths). This is the highest rate since the beginning of the pandemic, TASS news agency reported.

Over the pandemic, the total death toll in the country is 146,069 people. As the Russian crisis center noted, the mortality rate is still the same – 2.48%. 

However, the total number of COVID-19 cases has reached 5,882,295 with a daily increase in cases of 0.43% on a relative basis. About 89.7% of these infected patients have successfully recovered.

The very first case of COVID in Russia was reported at the end of February 2020 more than a week before the day when the pandemic was officially announced. According to the authorities, patient zero came to Russia from Italy, where he spent his vacation. On February 27, he was admitted to a hospital and the COVID-19 infection was officially confirmed.

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