Airport Officials Arrested in Almaty

They were allegedly involved in the illicit selling of PCR tests

Two employees of the Almaty International Airport have been detained by law enforcement officials as they were being accused of illegal sale of fake PCR test certificates.

A 29-year old woman and a 28-year man, both unidentified, were arrested by Almaty criminal police officials in conjunction with Kazakhstan’s Committee on National Security. 

According to the police, both suspects were involved in trading with fake negative PCR test results for those headed to travel abroad. All the certificates had been produced on their own with the help of a mobile app. They changed the personal information of applicants and were able to sell about 20 certificates in total. 

As the law enforcement officials believe, the criminals may have had some associates among airline officials who helped passengers with fake PCR certificates to get on board. After each deal, suspects usually divvied up the money. 

Right after the arrest, both suspects have been put into custody and now the police are trying to find all the figures of the case.  

In a similar case in Almaty, the police have cracked down the plot by a tourist company that offered hajj pilgrims fake COVID vaccination and PCR test certificates.

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