Kazakhstan Puts Police in Airports on Alert

Due to fake PCR test results and vaccination certificates

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has doubled its attention in airports and railroad stations because of the rising number of incidents with fake vaccination certificates, the authority’s website reports. 

As police noted, recently they have detained in the Almaty International Airport two young people, a man and a woman whose PCR tests certificates turned out to be fake. In another case, a Shymkent resident tried to fly to Belarus by using a fake PCR certificate.

All these people were not allowed to get on board and now are the subjects of investigation. They are accused of using fake documents on purpose, which is an illegal act in Kazakhstan.

According to the police, all who are going to use fake vaccination or PCR certificates should think twice because the price for these violations is four years in jail for manufacturing false documents and 40 days’ arrest for using it.

Also, Almaty law enforcement officers have detained health workers of day hospital #4, medical centers Dostar Med and Sunkar, accusing them of the falsification of such certificates.

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