Kazakhstan’s National Team Shows Good Results

A team’s member has won another medal in Tokyo

On Sunday Kazakhstan’s boxer, Kamshybek Kunkabayev got a confidential victory and qualified for the semi-final.  

Young Kazakhstani boxer KamshybekKunkabayev, who was a flag bearer during the Kazakhstani national team march at the official ceremony of the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, has qualified semi-final in the heavyweight class. On Sunday he won against the Russian boxer Ivan Veryasov and made sure to get a bronze medal in boxing by the end of the Olympic Games. However, he won’t stop at this point and will fight for more valuable medals.

«The first round was good. In the second round, I made some tactical mistakes; I was involved in so-called ‘dirty boxing.’ I know well my next opponent but I have never fought with him. I am focused on the result and will try to avoid mistakes,» he said after the fight with Ivan Veryasov.

Another Kazakhstani sportsman who showed good results is gymnast MiladKarimi. He holds the fifth position in the floor exercise and has qualified for the following rounds of the contest. 

Unfortunately, other Kazakhstani athletes weren’t so lucky. Boxer Abilkhan Amankul (middleweight) lost to Ebert Souza from Brazil and left Tokyo. Two wrestlers Elmira Syzdykova (76 kg) and Meyrambek Aynagulov (60 kg) also failed to qualify for further participation in the games.

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